June 9 2022

Palace Chauvel Cinema

249 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021

Count Every Second Until The Event.


It's time to travel.

Travel DAZE is Australia’s most influential forum for the travel industry, bringing together travel and business experts from around the globe. As the travel industry’s reboot steps up a gear post-pandemic, the importance of a sustainable future of travel becomes pertinent; distilled through the lenses of technology, creativity, marketing and retail.

How can businesses have a sustainable purpose and learn to thrive again after a global pandemic? How can we adopt technology to be sustainable in the digital age? How does sustainability help marketing campaigns and generate sales? What is the importance of a cultural compass in attracting and retaining staff? And above all how can our travel businesses remain sustainable amid global pandemics. All these elements of travel and more will be tackled at Travel DAZE 2022, because IT’S TIME TO TRAVEL!

Thought-provoking keynotes, interviews and panels, presented in Person

2022 Speakers

Each week we’ll be clueing you into our stellar line-up of speakers and topics, so stay tuned! But for now, we can reveal…

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