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Thuy Carroll

Thuy began her career in the travel industry as a Vietnamese tour guide who escaped communism and started over in Australia, from setting up a travel business in 2012 from a spare room in her Adelaide home, to building her business into one of Australia’s leading travel agencies and diversifying during the pandemic to employ more Australian’s than less, Thuy (Twee) Carroll, is one of Australia’s most accomplished female CEOs.

Over the years Thuy (Twee) has grown her business exponentially and in 2013 the first big milestone was moving out from the spare room to a shop front in Adelaide. In 2015 expanded to a wholesale business with both a national and international presence. With a passion to share her heritage through tourism Thuy (Twee) grew the business to offer a diverse range of products including worldwide river cruises, Asia luxury small group tours, and lifestyle holidays whilst also founding the Tweet Foundation, believing that tourism can be used to empower communities, and that profitable business has a responsibility to contribute to social good.

Thuy (Twee) has remained resilient throughout the pandemic and has managed to grow and diversify the business into technology. With the launch of TKG Platform (Travel Key Gateway). An all-in-one travel business solution customised for the travel industry. The technology was built to support travel companies to operate their whole business with just one sign-in.

Thuy (Twee) is a Mentor on the TIME (Travel Industry Mentor Experience) programme and volunteers her time to aspiring mid-management individuals of the travel & tourism industry.