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Tess Willcox

Tess Willcox

A creative strategist paving the way in sustainable Luxury Resort Marketing as the CEO of World Resorts of Distinction.

Born in the wilderness of Western Australia’s Margaret River region, Tess has identified as somewhat of an eco-warrior from childhood. The older she gets, however, and the more she learns; the deeper the call to nurture the planet becomes. Travel is a non-negotiable in her life and it has always been her dream to continue exploring the world, something that is so core to her existence, in a way that is also regenerative to the planet. Cue WRD!

Tess has been a crucial member of the team since 2004, when she joined the company as a Sales Executive fresh out of university with a Bachelor of Communications and dreams of becoming a travel journalist. Today, she is the sole owner and CEO of the business that has not only defined her career but has also allowed her to pursue her single greatest passion – championing environmental awareness.

Known for her passion in the sustainable tourism sector and on trend brand direction, Tess is widely recognised as one of the driving forces behind World Resorts of Distinction and its recent brand overhaul. With the pending launch of Hashtag Travel Society, an online accreditation program and portal promotion the worlds best Travel Influencers, Tess is paving the way for the future of the Travel Industry.

Her aesthetic is inspired by travel, rich cultures and contrasts and her background combines a vast skill set across multiple disciplines, having a strong focus on marketing, digital, brand development, content creation/management and networking.