Macartan Gaughan

Macartan Gaughan

Macartan (Mac) is the founder of an innovative software platform that
helps local ethical travel operators manage their business and reach a global audience.

Despite starting his career as an accountant, Macartan left the corporate world behind to
spend almost three years living in Nepal, working with The Umbrella Foundation, an anti-
child trafficking charity.

The time there changed his life and opened his eyes to how unsustainable the traditional
charity model was. He recognised that there are countless hard-working, intelligent people
around the world who, if given a chance, would happily earn their own way. What they are
lacking is the opportunity to do so.

These learnings motivated Macartan to start a not-for-profit social enterprise called
Umbrella Trekking Nepal and then Clean Travel. selected Clean Travel as a participant in their 2019 Sustainable Tourism
Accelerator programme.